UK conventions and festivals: scifi, fantasy and horror

The Brits love a festival it would seem. Hardly a month goes past without another one being spawned. Here’s a better list  than you’ll find most places for UK scifi, fantasy and horror conventions and festivals.

  • Wigan Comic Con, 7 Dec 2014: a successful and popular comic con that is worth checking out,
  • World Fantasy Convention 2014, 6-9 Nov 2014: taking place in Arlington, Virginia, USA,
  • BristolCon, 25 Oct 2014: a one-day convention organized by the Bristol Fantasy and SF Society,
  • Preston Comic Con, 25 Oct 2014: taking place in Preston Guild Hall, the inaugural event,
  • SCARdiff, 19 Oct 2014, Cardiff: a one day horror expo!,
  • NEW! A J Dalton and Tom Lloyd event, 18 Oct 2014: a talk on trends in fantasy, readings and Q&A, taking place at Waterstones Nottingham, 7.00-8.30pm, advance tickets are three quid each
  • Mark Bruce Company dances Dracula, 10-11 Oct 2014, Manchester: a dance/drama performance of the Dracula story,
  • Nor-Con, 7 Sept 2014, Norwich: one-day scifi convention for Star Wars, Batman, Doctor Who, Star Trek and so on,
  • FantasyCon 2014, 5-7 Sept 2014, York: UK national fantasy convention, run by the British Fantasy Society,
  • Shamrockon, Dublin EuroCon 2014, 22-24 Aug 2014: people from all over Europe will head to the Emerald Isle,
  • A J Dalton book signing, 23 Aug 2014, Waterstones Doncaster
  • A J Dalton book signing, 16 Aug 2014, Waterstones Leeds
  • Loncon 3, 14-18 Aug 2014, London: the World Science Fiction Convention,
  • Nine Worlds, 8-10 Aug 2014, London: mainly gaming, science and geek culture content,
  • Exilian Convention, 26 July 2014, Cambridge: inaugural event, and it’s free, with some gaming, fantasy and story-telling,
  • Gedling Book Festival II, 22 June, Nottinghamshire: I’ll be giving a workshop, doing a signing and speaking on a panel!,!events/c1qu7
  • The Millennium ViewCon, 31 May-1 June 2014, Liverpool: scifi event (with a lot of Star Wars),
  • SCI-FI FEST, 10 May, Leicester: scifi movie festival, with games and distractions,
  • SCI-FI-LONDON Film Festival, 24 Apr-4 May 2014, East London: in association with the BFI,
  • Satellite 4, 18-21 Apr 2014, Glasgow: 65th British National Science Fiction Convention, which will be attended by one Sir Terry Pratchett,
  • BOOK LAUNCH of Tithe of the Saviours, 19 April 2014: Waterstones Warrington, where I’ll be giving a talk on creative writing and publishing, and signing books too
  • UK release of Tithe of the Saviours, 17 April 2014: I’ll probably do book launches for Waterstones Arndale, Warrington, Leeds and Notts… and Wakefield and Leicester
  • Sci-Fi Scarborough, 5-6 Apr 2014: inaugural event,
  • Sci-Fi Weekender (SFW5), 27-30 Mar 2014, Wales: formerly known as the ‘SFX Weekender,
  • EM-Con, 16 Mar 2014, Notts: the inaugural East Midlands scifi and fantasy convention: the focus is mainly TV and film, mind you,
  • World Book Day, 6 Mar 2014: a Thursday; yes, of course, why not?
  • Invasion Earth 2, 17 Nov 2014, Manchester: a one-day Star Wars/Doctor Who scifi convention. Colin Baker will be attending, as well as other stars. Daleks v Stormtroopers!
  • Novacon, 8-10 Nov 2013, Nottingham: the UK’s longest-established regional (operating out of Birmingham) science fiction convention, held every autumn since 1971; has a definite focus on scifi literature rather than anything else,
  • Abertoir Horror Festival, 5-10 Nov 2013, Aberystwyth: the national horror festival of Wales, with a definite focus on film,
  • Whitby Goth Weekend, 1-3 Nov 2013: it all goes on in Whitby. Why? Cos that’s where Bram Stoker wrote Dracula, where much of the novel is set, and where the dark lord arrived in the UK to boot,
  • Bram Stoker International Film Festival, 24-27 Oct 2013, Whitby:
  • EDGE-LIT 2, 13 July 2013, Derby: scifi, fantasy and horror writing,
  • FUTURA, 15 June 2013, Wolverhampton: scifi stuff,
  • Alt.Fiction, May 2013, Leicester: one-day “alternative fiction” convention that always takes place in the East Midlands,

Amen. If your own event isn’t on the list, there might just about be room to get it added. Drop me a line.

11 comments on “UK conventions and festivals: scifi, fantasy and horror

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  2. Hello! Sorry to be a pain, but BristolCon is organised by the Bristol Fantasy and SF society, not the British one. We don’t like to give ourselves airs down in the West Country!

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  4. Wow an up to date list :D this is what I like to see.

    I’m Sam, captain of StarBase Leicester, and every year we get together with a local cinema called Phoenix Square to run ScifiFest. A movie festival perfect for geeks! with a quiz, gaming, book launch, and even a nerf shooting gallery and a 3d printing display with a chance to print stuff!

    this is the event May 10th, wish I’d found you sooner… Keep up the good work


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