3 comments on “Wrath of a mad god, Raymond E Feist

  1. Yes, there’s a powerful lesson in the predicament of Mr Feist. Don’t flog a tired horse. Once the author loses interest, there’s nothing they can do to stop the reader realising this. It bleeds through every word and line on the page.

    I’m bored. Must stop. Publisher will beat me. Must… reach… last… page… argh!

    Stick to no more than 3 at a time, Mr Dalton, then move on! Keep life interesting! 😉

  2. Eminently sensible chap, that Mike. I think poor old Ray signed a big-money contract where he pledged to write a certain number of books. Now, he’s just ticking them off. I spoke to him on facebook about such matters. He said he had a big, new idea but had to rattle off another 4 books in the current series. Shame. On facebook at the mo, he’s going bonkers with frustration.

    Me, I’m more of an artist than that. Won’t compromise my integrity for a handful of silver… now, gold on the other hand!

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