4 comments on “necromancer’s fall: chapter 11

  1. Don’t rush it, take all the time you need to complete your masterful trilogy. We all can’t wait for it to be released but as they say: you can’t rush perfection.
    a faithful fan, Corin Elliott

    • Well, nearly done with chp11. Should do most of 12 next week. Should finish book end May. It then takes my silly American publisher a couple of months to format book, etc. So, should hit shelves end July, all being well.

      Book 3 is the best of them, I reckon. Really enjoying writing it. I work it out as I go, so I’m as interested as everyone else to find out how it pans out at the end.

      Thanks for the kind words, Corin. Keeps me grounded!

  2. Hey A.J
    Don’t know if you remember me but you were doing a book signing at a Borders that I was working at before the arse fell out of it. I think I remember us talking about how much debt they were in, I guess neither of us were too surprised about what happened to it, huh?

    Anyway I finally had some time to myself and I’ve just finished the copy of Necromancer’s Betrayal that you signed for me and I LOVED it. I loved both of them to be honest but now I can’t wait for Necromancer’s Fall. I hope I don’t have too long to wait but I agree with Corin and please don’t rush it. I’m more than happy to wait for a few more months if it will make the final draft that much more of a delight to read.

    Thanks for the great read.

    • Hi Nathan
      Glad to hear you enjoyed the books and aren’t asking for your money back! LOL! Yup, shame about Borders, cos I was stocked in about 20 of the stores. Even bigger shame was that they owed me money for stock I’d supplied and sold for them. Don’t think I’ll ever see the dosh. Ah well.
      I finished writing Necromancer’s Fall about a month ago. It’s currently being formatted by my plodding publisher. It should be available mid-Aug. I’ve got a signing lined up for Waterstone’s Leeds on 7 Aug (2010), but don’t think the publisher will manage to get copies to them in time. I’ll then line up loads of other stores. Which is your closest Waterstone’s (I’ll make sure I offer them a signing too).
      NFall rocks, I reckon. Easily best of three (drawing on the different strengths of books 1 and 2). It provides all the answers about Saltar’s origin and resolves all the stories of the main characters (Chamberlain and Scourge included). And I enjoyed writing the 3rd one the most too, which is probably a good sign.
      My next book will either be The Book of St George or The Chronicles of a Cosmic Warlord.

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