4 comments on “World Goth Day 22 May 2010

  1. You asked the question and I’m game.

    Halloween to many people is a ‘Be what you are not’ day. So in saying that.

    Because on Halloween I get to be non Goth for a laugh.

    If all I had was Halloween it would be like having a birthday on Christmas. You kind of feel walked on and over, nothing special.

    And, How do you get to stand out on a day when everybody is doing it?

    Sincerely, Lady Euphoria Deathwatch

    • Interesting points about it being like ‘having a birthday on Christmas’ and ‘how do you get to stand out on a day when everybody is doing it?’.

      I’m not sure ‘standing out’ is really a reason for most goths to adopt the lifestyle, but I could be wrong. Halloween isn’t about ‘standing out’, it’s more about ‘standing for’. And Halloween makes the gothic more accessible and relevant rather than allowing to remain in the margins and territory just for those who wish to ‘stand out’.

      But I may be wrong. Perhaps there is a need for goths today to ‘stand out’ and make a social statement of pride, given the recent high-profile cases of the bullying and persecution of goths in the US.

      Being a goth today isn’t the same as it was back in the 80s. I grew up a British goth with Sisters of Mercy, Depeche Mode (if they qualify), the Cure, etc. Being a goth was part of the social milieu and ‘accepted’. In British literature, of course, there has always been a strong (and accepted) tradition of the gothic, what with Mervyn Peake, Bram Stoker, etc. The affection the Brits have for the ‘mad inventor in the garden shed’ is another example of how it is ‘acceptable’ to be gothic in the UK.

      By contrast, although the US has a gothic tradition with Edgar-Allen Poe, his sense of the gothic was more socially disruptive. The Urban Gothic literature coming out of the US at the mo is similarly about social disruption, marginalisation and alienation. In summary, then, perhaps being a US goth is very different to being a UK goth.

      But I could be wrong.

  2. It is not the Goth aspect of Halloween here in the US. It is the US look at Halloween. Most people look at it as a fun day to be something different for a day. So if you are Goth you get to be something else. And in that way I say, I don’t need to be Goth on Halloween, I’m Goth everyday. On Halloween I’m ‘Not’ Goth. So I need a Goth Day to celebrate my best Gothiness, apart from a pagan holiday where I don’t do Goth.

    Most Goth’s have a bit of the show off and shocker in them. And you can’t shock a person if everyone is doing it on Halloween.

    Lady E

    • Oh, that’s true. Halloween isn’t as gothic as in the UK.

      Fair enough. What the hell – the more gothic days we can have, the better!

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