3 comments on “looks like it’s xmas already

  1. Hiya! I’m Laura and I met you at York in Waterstones. Me and My Dad and My Godmother where there and we all thought your book looked fantastic. I am only 13 years old but you said if I liked watching CSI, then I’d like this book. Let me assure you, I LOVE this book! I have only read 5 chapters and already it is becoming my favorite book EVER!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t wait to finish, just so i can buy the next one! 😀 You’re fantastic, from laura xx

    • Ah, bless your eminent good taste and discernment! LOL. Five chapters in already – you must be at the mandrakes, right? Scary scenes there, if I recall.

      Glad you’re enjoying the book and don’t want your money back!

      Book three’s my favourite, but I’m not the jury, eh!
      adz xx

  2. Hello

    I’m the girl in the red coat who was in Preston’s Waterstones today – the blonde with a little publishing know how! I want to apologise for not coming back to get your book – my boyfriend got a phone call and had to go back to Manchester so we left and forgot all about the book.

    I must confess I don’t really read fantasy of any kind however I have recently started up a reading group with some friends and the idea is that we all try a new genre. As I’m the administrator I will add your book to our list and you should sell at least 5 more copies 😉

    If we don’t speak again, from one writer to another, I wish you all the best with the book.

    Claire x

    PS. I’ve come across some good reviews on Amazon and have reccomended your book to my brother who is currently writing a metaphysical fantasty romance.

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