2 comments on ““An Empress and the Warriors” movie review

  1. Hey Adam,

    Was great to meet you today, and extremely refreshing! You’ll remember me as the guy in the black jacket who bought all 3 of your books (signed and dedicated!) and we chatted about a few things, including Mr Raymond E Feist. I am currently just over 100 pages into Gambit, and I am already completely in your thrall sir. I cannot wait to see any twists and turns that come about, especially Saltar’s role in the greater scheme. Which I am sure there will be.

    I have to say, so far your use of theology is quite intermittent. It shows through in several
    scenes, but is then absent in others. I suspect that this is to juxtapose the structure of faith and religion with the harsh reality of life. One such thing that did grab me was King Voltar’s use of Brax in killing the only priest who supplied the Guardians with holy water to rid necromancers of useful cadavers. It seemed careless that the King would give the order knowing that, especially after the Old Hound talking specifically about the King keeping the Temple around to supply said holy water. Perhaps, and here is more likely the case, that I need to finish the book before I will comprehend the larger picture.

    Anyway, I realise I am rambling, as I often tend to do once I sink my teeth into some new world. Great work so far!

    On a different note, once I return home to Salford at the end of this weekend, I wonder if I could trouble you with reading a short I have written. It is around 8,000 words (so maybe not so short!) and I think you may enjoy it (or enjoy tearing it to shreds – your prerogative!)

    Thanks for reading THIS long rant!


    • Eh up, Chris

      Good to hear from you. The site didn’t record your email address for some reason, so I’ll have to reply on the site rather than directly.

      Yes, the religion starts as ‘incidental’ in Gambit, deliberately so, as in life really (to my mind). But the focus on it increases as the book goes on, and as the trilogy goes on, as it happens.

      The King. Yes, he’s either ‘careless’ (not in character, eh?) or there’s something else going on, eh? Better not say much more.

      But you’re a 100 pages in already! That’s going some. You’ll have the whole trilogy done in two weeks at this rate. Took me 4 years to write it!

      I’d be more than happy to have a look at the short – go ahead and send it to adz_d2003@yahoo.co.uk

      Happy days!

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