One comment on “Boom! Carnage in Croydon

  1. The end of Reality TV?

    Unfortunately, just the opposite. The whole Widdecombe-Wagner “thing” is entirely the point! If it was about dancing, they never would have taken away the Judges’ deciding vote, creating a system in which biased casual phone voting (people voting for a joke rather than in appreciation of dance floor prowess) could maintain this ridiculous “contestant”. John Sargeant had the dignity to step down (once he’d made enough of a name for himself to spark a cable TV career, that is). Widdecombe won’t.

    But so what? Hoisted by their own petard. Want to see professional dancing? Go to a broadway show.

    Anyway, well done on the book front. Cleaning up at Christmas! Lots of stockings filled with lots of dark fantasy – and I’m not referring to the page 3 dressed as a provocative Santa.

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