4 comments on “nifty interview in SFX

    • Cheers, James. My mates thought I was mad to self-publish. ‘Complete waste of money,’ they said. Well, I went with a company that got me into Waterstone’s and then I did four years of book signings… making a pound a copy on the books (just about covering travel costs)… all to get the sales stats that then persuaded Gollancz to take a punt. Gollancz have actually taken on a few self-published authors this year: me, Michael J Ward and whoever wrote the Stonewylde stuff. I think the big players are worried by how so many authors are going direct to market without paying The Man. And although I got a three-book deal, I didn’t get enough cash to pay my mortagage… so I’m going back to teaching in the summer. Sheesh.

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