3 comments on “The Power of Three (series 33, episode 4)

  1. While I enjoyed various aspects of this one, you don’t think it came over the way it basically is, filler?

    Nice stuff: the Brigadier’s daughter, the actual concept of the slow invasion, the bits of random insanity like the wedding anniversary visit.

    However, with all that wonderful set-up, we ended up with an ending which was trite and unimaginative. Doctor finds bad guy, bad guy explains plot, Doctor fixes everything. Filler while we wait for the Big Bang in the next episode, and it felt like filler. I got to the end and thought, “Is that it?” If they’re going to cut the amount of shows they put on, they need to make the ones they do far better than this one.

    • Yes, I see what you’re saying about the episode being a bit of a filler and lazy on the plotting – I think I was generally positive in this review cos episode 4 was considerably better than episode 3. Also, I’m hoping the wider idea about the Shakri might lead to something bigger and better. Yes, a lot of potential, but maybe it just couldn’t all fit into a single episode. It’s high time the series started doing a few double or triple-headers.

      • Totally agree on the Shakri. Hopefully not the last we’ve seen of them. And yes, I’d have made two episodes out of that story.

        However, I thought 3 was better than 4.

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