6 comments on “The Angels Take Manhattan (series 33, episode 5)

  1. Mind if I give my opinions about the episode?

    First, we can assume the mob boss thought there was some way of extracting some money from the Angels – he’s a mob boss, what do you expect? This is most likely the reason he hired the detective. The Doctor and co. ending up in the novel possibly because River wrote them in to let them know that Rory had been zapped by an Angel – she knew they would end up reading it one day. The Doctor can’t go back again to pick up Amy and Rory because they’ve already created one major paradox in New York, and another one would rip the city apart. Finally, the Doctor couldn’t push the Angels down the stairs because they’re made of stone and, presumably, very heavy.

    However, I do agree with your conclusion about Doctor Who losing it’s previous “vibe”. I agree that the episodes with Christopher Eccleston and David Tennant tended to be less complicated and paradox-y and more just traditional Doctor Who zest. I agree that I wish they would go back to this format in future episodes. Maybe the new companion will create a change in the show – every companion brings something different.

    • Extract money from statues? Statues aren’t generally known for being rich, are they? No pockets either. How could hiring a detective help extract money? I’m not being obtuse – I just don’t get it. It’ll have to be something to do with a desire for power and learning secrets.

      Alright, I’ll accept the novel and paradox fudge thing – it’s just a time-travel conundrum.

      However, a statue teetering on the edge of a step is surely worth an attempted nudge, no?

      Yes, I agree. The episodes of the Eccleston and Tennant era were better. It’s all about the new companion maybe.

  2. I thought the mob boss just collected rare stuff because he can, bit like the guy who had the Dalek in his basement in ‘Dalek’ the Christopher Eccleston episode.

    As for the book, I just saw it as a device for River to warn The Doctor (as well as explain why Rory was taking so long with the coffees!).

    I liked it, probably because I didn’t think too much about the plot holes (I mean there was a bit where Rory’s got his back to the Statue of Liberty, Amy’s not noticed and it’s just standing there gormless!), suspended belief and went along for the ride and all that. Amy and Rory were always going to grow old and die together so I liked how Amy ‘killed herself’ twice to be with Rory. I just expected Rory to say something like “Not again!” when the Doctor said he’s just seen himself die. I mean how many times has he died on-screen now? Must be at least 7 times!

    Looking forward to Christmas and the new companion, if the ‘Asylum of the Daleks’ is anything to go Jenna-Louise Coleman is going to be a brilliant and refreshing companion. Not to mention incredibly sexy. Amy was incredibly good looking but Oswin just oozed sex appeal in that episode.

  3. Shame the amazingly creepy statues from one of the best episodes from the DT era (and that’s saying summat) were a bit of a failure here. But some answers to your questions. Mafia boss was a collector – clearly stated, Dr could not not back because there were too many time streams to allow him to take the Tardis back there – again clearly stated. Pay attention, lad, 🙂

    I suspect the “why doesn’t he push them down the stairs and they would shatter” assumes these are statues and not monsters. In the same way as daleks couldn’t climb stairs.

    But there were holes, there were boring bits and as to the shallow commentator who thinks the companions are there only to float his sexual boat – oh for Pete’s sake. EVERYONE knows the companions are there to say “why’s that, doctor” so we know.

    As to River Song aging – yes she is, as is the actor. But she still looks a damn sight better than most of us. And wasn’t the comment “don’t get old” by her interesting?

    To be honest I think the writing is forgetting you need a strong plot to hang the other stuff on unless you want to be pretentious, I still think this Dr is a poor one. David T was a very hard act to follow – and this from a child of the Pertwee/Baker era.

    • Clearly stated is fine if it makes sense (although ‘sense’ is relative to context, I suppose). By the way, in the Eccleston series, daleks overcame stairs by levitating. Now they can out and out fly, of course.

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