5 comments on “Charity shop stops taking books!

  1. It’s a devious plot to get us to destroy all our hard copies at which point the whole country (except for Yorkshire) will be drenched with an emp to wipe all ebooks.
    By the way, delighted to find a stack of your new book on a prominent table in Waterstones. Excellent. Well done.

  2. Oh, my local charity shops are actually asking for book donations, they were quite happy with the few I gave them last week.

    I keep turning your books full side out on the Waterstone’s shelves 😉 today was Wakefield hehe

  3. we have an ex library here in Wigan now run by a charity called book cycle, they take in book donations and then people go in browse and take a max of 3 a day for a donation of whatever they wish to pay. The money goes to sustainable projects in developing countries. I have taken quite a few books there ( not yours Adam) and picked up quite a few bargains. The place is always busy and they also do lots of craft activities so its a real community project.

    linky thing book-cycle.org/wigan

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