2 comments on “e-publishing doesn’t really work – an author’s experience

    • Yes, I hear you. I feel the same pain. The publishers don’t need to give a damn cos they still get over 100 unsolicited manuscripts a week, many of them of publishable quality. Giving a damn and doing something about the situation would mean publishers giving up profits, and that’s the last thing they’re gonna do in the current climate. Publishers treat individual authors that aren’t number one sellers horrendously – all authors I know say the same – and a study was done on it showing authors around the world were being treated similarly.

      It is thoroughly demoralising… and a tragedy for genuine fans/readers cos certain books by their favourite author never see the light of day. The best thing I’ve ever written is a scifi called Lifer, but no publisher will touch it cos the received wisdom is ‘scifi just doesn’t sell in decent volume anymore’.

      So what’s a writer to do? Here’s my advice: treat your writing as a hobby and nothing more. Do not let it be the focus of your professional life. You can still treat it seriously, but it should not define you.

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