2 comments on “New trends in fantasy and scifi

  1. Very nice post! I noticed myself that grimdark was flagging as early as about 2 or 3 years ago …just when i was pitching a gritty novel 😦 But i didn’t realize the trend might be back towards epic/traditional fantasy. Thanks for the update!!!

    • Cheers, Dean. The circle will come back round! Your gritty novel will become fashionable again. Charlaine Harris’s True Blood was rejected by every publisher for two years, and then suddenly vampires were all the rage again. The tv series Lost sat in a producer’s desk for 12 years. Have faith. You’re simply at the wrong place on the circle right now. Patience is half the battle. To quote Marcus Gipps (commissioning editor at Gollancz), publishing seems to move at a ‘glacial’ speed.

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