2 comments on “Doctor Who in decline: I’m sure he voted Remain

  1. What you seem to be describing in your remarks about the lack of an over-arching theme or developing plot is a show that is less concerned with telling a story and more focused on delivering a weekly hour of action and drama that the casual viewer can dip into, without having to have seen the previous episode. This usually represents the end of the line for a franchise. Many franchises have gone this way. Star Trek, an estate of equivalent cultural significance and longevity, went this way with Voyager and has never recovered. Perhaps J.J. Abrams’ next project will be a Doctor Who reboot?

    • Haha. Brilliant points. Doctor Who DOES need a serious rebooting. I’m not actually the biggest fan of JJ Abrams reboots though. Need to ponder options. Might have to do it myself, calling on a few writer friends at the same time.

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