4 comments on “The Satanic in Science Fiction and Fantasy

  1. Good luck with your application for that job! I studied at Glasgow for seven years as a part-time postgrad in their English Literature department and really enjoyed it. I’m still living here, in fact, and can vouch for there being a good (if but small) underground literary culture that bridges the visual art and fiction worlds. There’s a ComicCon every year, and quite a bit of pulp literature culture for such a small city.

    • Yeah, fingers crossed, Simone! I don’t know Glasgow very well, but it’s famous for its cultural scene. (Also, Scotland clearly has very good taste cos I’ve sold quite a few books there – ahem!) And a job actually entitled ‘Lecturer in Fantasy Literature’ – never seen such a thing before.

  2. I know this post came out a few days ago, but having just read it, I thought I’d comment.

    I did love your version of Satan in I Am A Small God and I find it fascinating how our collective understanding of the devil, god vs evil, etc has evolved (and sometimes devolved) over the millennia. I just heard a radio program talking about how the fear of ‘fire and brimstone’ is so central to some Christian faiths, while to others the concepts of Hell and Satan hardly exist.

    Hmmm…another book for you to write maybe?

    • Hey, Dean – yes, the new title I’m working on follows how our understanding of Satan has developed in literature, going from the Bible, through St George mythologies, to the Canterbury Tales, to Marlowe’s Faustus, to Paradise Lost… and that’s just the first chapter. Then we move into the Industrial Revolution era for Dracula and so on… and then up to today’s grimdark fantasy. Rock and roll!

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