2 comments on “Some proper Airyfairyiam – review of Star Trek Discovery episode 9 #StarTrekDiscovery #ProjectDaedalus

  1. Hi Adam. Although season 2 is miles ahead of season 1, this episode really exposes the problem I have with the writing and show running in Disco. Up to now Airiam has just been that andriod/cyborg/thing on the bridge. We knew nothing of her, her character, background,etc. Then we get a ketchup burst of information and are then asked to feel for her as she snuffs it.

    For contrast, look at what The Orville is doing. By investing in characters, we are attached to them now and so when there is a plot twist, we empathise with how they all might be feeling and reacting I their different ways.

  2. This episode almost makes me want to stop watching, even though I’ve loved this new Star Trek adventure from the start.
    Horribly contrived script…

    “Stay with me and don’t leave me, even if I tell you to repeatedly… I’ve been feeling rather odd recently” or something along those lines would have made more sense, surely?

    Then the airlock nonsense.
    Why not beam her to the Brig for goodness sake?
    Or blast her out of the airlock, then to the Brig.
    Engines were out, but the transporters were not.

    Why kill off a character we have zero buy in to so far, and expect us to feel something as all the crew get upset?
    Er… nope, it just felt totally weird.
    Ordinarily, I don’t air my grievances, but this episode really peeved me, probably because it’s been so good so far.

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