2 comments on “Doctor Who cares? Worst viewing figures in 34 years #DoctorWho #DrWho #JodieWhittaker #BBC

  1. Unfortunately I agree with the masses that are not viewing this version of The Doctor. Boring, disjointed story lines. The attempts to incorporate issues and resolutions, however thinly disguised are overbearing and annoying. The show should be about entertainment, like they were originally.
    I realise the technical advances that have come about in the last 50 years have made a lot of what made the original progressions of The Doctor enjoyable and far seeing have this program difficult to write for.
    Maybe its time for the Doctor to fade away

    • You’re right, Mike: really poor/patchy writing. They have changed writers, to try and improve things, but we’re getting a different writer with each episode, and therefore inconsistent quality. It’s lost its way… and lost its audience.

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