Book signings

11 March 2017 – I’ll be giving a presentation on fantasy sub-genres, doing a reading and engaging in a Q&A at the BFS York Pubmeet,

23-25 Sept 2016 – I’ll be attending FantasyCon in glamorous Scarborough!

29 Aug 2015 – book signing event for Waterstones Doncaster

20 June 2015 – book signing event for Waterstones Manchester Arndale

30 May 2015 – book signing event for Waterstones Leicester

2 May 2015 – BOOK LAUNCH for The Book of Orm

1 April 2015 – global release of The Book of Orm!

18 Oct 2014 – A J Dalton with Tom Lloyd(!), a talk on trends in fantasy, readings and Q&A, Waterstones Nottingham, 7.00-8.30pm, advance tickets are three quid

5-7 Sept 2014 – the national FantasyCon in York, where I’ll be appearing on a panel or two and signing books

20-22 June 2014 (specifically 22 June) – creative writing and publishing workshop, plus a signing, at Gedling Book Festival, Nottinghamshire,!events/c1qu7

19 April 2014 – BOOK LAUNCH for Tithe of the Saviours, Waterstones Warrington, from 11am

17 April 2014 – UK release of Tithe of the Saviours – I’ll probably do book launches for Waterstones Arndale, Warrington, Leeds and Notts… and Wakefield and Leicester

7 Dec 2013 – signing event for Waterstones Leicester

30 Nov 2013 – signing event for Waterstones Manchester Arndale

30 Oct-2 Nov 1012 – WORLD FANTASY CON – I’ll be there!

5 Oct 2013 – signing event for Waterstones Croydon

13 July – giving a workshop on publishing at the Wirral Festival of Firsts,         

28 Apr 2013 – ‘Event Horizon’, the Derby scifi, fantasy and horror convention, where I’ll be leading a creative writing session and signing books

21 Mar 2013 – UK release of GATEWAY OF THE SAVIOURS 

7 Mar 2013 – World Book Day, init: giving creative writing lesson in Nottingham school

14 Feb 2013 – UK release of mass market paperback (small version) of Empire of the Saviours

17 May 2012 – UK release of EMPIRE OF THE SAVIOURS

11 April 2012 – giving workshops at Leigh & Wigan Lit Festival

Reading groups – always happy to visit a library reading group, a store’s reading group or a private group. I can do readings of my work or talk generally about fantasy.

Writing groups – as a teacher of English and with in an MA in Literature and Critical Theory, I’m happy to provide workshops on writing or getting into publishing.

Schools – I’ve taught creative writing to all age groups, and am available to make school visits, give inspirational talks, etc.

Staff training – with a track-record in sales and marketing, library management, ‘the customer service experience’ and innovation methodologies, I can provide training and consultancy to both shop staff and management teams (well, it would be rude not to).

To discuss opportunities and or make a booking, drop me an email: “adz_d2003” + “”.


6 comments on “Book signings

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  2. Could you please come to Leicester? I love your books so much! It would mean so much to me if you did! 🙂

    • Hey Chloe! Sure, I’ll be visiting Leicester. I’ll post up the date once it’s confirmed. adz

  3. Do you visit the North East at all AJ? In a professional capacity that is, I’m not asking as to your whereabouts all of the time, that’s a little creepy 🙂

    • Hey Dan
      The furthest afield I’ve done a signing is Newcastle, I think. The problem is that I only make a pound or so from each book sold, so need to sell one hell of a lot if I’m ever to cover my travel costs (forget the time spent). I’m more than happy to do events if my travel costs are paid, but that virtually never happens. For precisely such reasons, some writers actually make a loss by being writers, or they simply can’t afford to do many events (Juliet E. McKenna is in the same boat as me if you read her blog). It’s a sad story, but writing it is far easier than selling it in sufficient volume. And publishers are struggling as much as authors cos of the margins. Oh well.

      • Hey AJ, thanks for getting back to me. That’s some predicament you’re in and I did not realise the discrepancy between cost and income.
        I will just have to read from afar then. You are an interactive author and that goes a long way!
        Thanks AJ and best of luck, I’ll be keeping an eye out 🙂


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