The inaugural A J Dalton Metaphysical Fantasy Writing Competition took place in December 2013. Winners received copies of a book and feedback on their work, and the outright winner received a tutorial concerning the arcane secrets of the cosmos and publishing.

The word limit was 500 words, the stories had to be written in the metaphysical fantasy sub-genre, and had to include an inn and various disreputable characters. The top three entries are showcased below. Enjoy!

First place: The Inn at the Edge, by Mike Kobernus

Second place: Nine Tales, by Becky Unicorn

Third place: Search for Meaning, by K. R. Green

[Please note, these stories remain the exclusive property of the authors above. We would ask you not to distribute the stories further without the author’s permission.]


4 comments on “Competition

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  4. Seems very interesting, I’ll enter this December then, I’ve got to finish the Grey Faction series this year, but with it being only a short story, I think I can squeeze some time in for this. BTW love this site. 🙂

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