A J Dalton bibliography

Praise for A J Dalton’s writing

  • SFX: ‘Empire Of The Saviours gives you an interesting setting and a devilishly good villain’
  • SciFi Now magazine: ‘Engaging, filled with sacrifice, adventure and some very bloody battles!’
  • Waterstones central buyer: ‘The best young British fantasy author on the circuit at the moment’
  • Sfbook.com: ‘Different, fresh and unique’

The published works of A J Dalton:

Academic publications

Main series, Chronicles of a Cosmic Warlord, published by Gollancz


First book series, Flesh & Bone Trilogy, published by Authorhouse

Novellas and short stories

  • 2016 – ‘The Last Ogre, a tale published in the Shadows of the Oak anthology, with Tenebris Books
  • 2016 – I Am a Small God, a kick-ass novella – recommended!
  • 2012 – Knight of Ages, another kick-ass novella
  • 2005 – ‘A Passport to Your Dreams‘, a short story written while I was working in Thailand, published in the collection Blending In, ISBN 974-9985-12-5


  • In addition to the above, A J Dalton has written a number of newspaper articles about British culture (serialized around the world), completed a PhD on the sub-genres of British fantasy, written academic articles about fantasy, and is a published cartoonist.

If you are interested in acquiring rights to any of the above, please contact A J Dalton through this website or Facebook.


2 comments on “A J Dalton bibliography

  1. Just read yr Empire of the Saviours. Damn Damn Damn!!! Now I’ll have to go and read yr 1st triology – you mean man you. Out of all the characters of EoS; Torpeth is outstanding. What an awesome character, or am I so warped? He is what is missing from most stories nowadays, the little intriguing habits that make characters come to life, make them human …… or not.

    Well done Mr Dalton, your magic reigns, keep it coming.

    • Hey TMD, good to hear from you. Glad you liked Empire and don’t want your money back. LOL. Book 2, Gateway of the Saviours, went on release a fortnight ago, of course, so there’s plenty more of Torpeth to be had (185,000 words, to be exact). He’s a great character, especially in the scenes he shares with the Minister. Got a soft spot for Freda too, of course, and the Peculiar. All the best. Adam PS and I’m half way through writing book 3 at the mo (Tithe of the Saviours) – gotta finish it by 1 Aug this year.

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