I’ve put together a series of creative writing mini-lessons for those who are interested in improving their writing and/or those who need a daily routine while in lockdown because of coronavirus. They’re quick (two minutes each) and fun! Edutainment!

Mini-lesson no.1 – shifting narrative perspective

Mini-lesson no.2 – Latin and Anglo-Saxon

Mini-lesson no.3 – writing humour

Mini-lesson no.4 – using metaphor

Mini-lesson no.5 – literary style/enactment

Mini-lesson no.6 – narrative hooks!

Mini-lesson no.7 – plot-shape

[Bonus: Adam’s YouTube mini-lecture on plot-shape]

Mini-lesson no.8 – immersive description

Mini-lesson no.9 – choose your genre

[Bonus: Adam’s YouTube mini-lecture on sub-genres]

Mini-lesson no.10 – characterization

[Bonus: Adam’s YouTube mini-lecture on characterization]

Mini-lesson no.11 – device and distortion

Mini-lesson no.12 – writing HORROR and suspense

Mini-lesson no.13 – the principles of conflict

Mini-lesson no.14 – writing romance♥

Mini-lesson no.15 – fantasy v. realism

Mini-lesson no.16 – writing science fiction, part 1

Mini-lesson no.17 – writing science fiction, part 2… THE COVID19 SPECIAL EDITION!

Mini-lesson no.18 – coming up with ideas

Mini-lesson no.19 – what type of creative are you?

Mini-lesson no.20 – Embrace The Fear

I’ll be posting one lesson a day (Monday-Friday). If you enjoy them, do share them with others. Stay safe.