Empire of the Saviours

Praise for A J Dalton’s writing

  • SFX: ‘Empire Of The Saviours gives you an interesting setting and a devilishly good villain’
  • SciFi Now magazine: ‘Engaging, filled with sacrifice, adventure and some very bloody battles!’
  • Waterstones central buyer: ‘The best young British fantasy author on the circuit at the moment’
  • Sfbook.com: ‘Different, fresh and unique’

Empire cover final

A slew of reviews can be found on Amazon here.

Book one of Chronicles of a Cosmic Warlord is entitled Empire of the Saviours. It’s published in the UK by Gollancz and in Germany by Random House. The cover artist is Andreas Rocha, a Portuguese guy. The original and earlier design for the cover, however, was done by Oliver Flude (www.oliverflude.com).

Here’s the synopsis: 

Accused of practising pagan magicks, and having overheard things he shouldn’t have, a young boy goes on the run…

In fear for her life, a woman suffering from rock-blight is forced to break out of the mine where she has been enslaved…

An innocent warrior is exiled by the holy man of his mountain tribe and told to make his own way in the world…

In the Empire of the Saviours, the People are forced to live in fortified towns. Their walls are guarded by an army of Heroes, whose task it is to keep marauding pagans out as much as it is to keep the People trapped inside. Several times a year, living Saints visit the towns to exact the Saviours’ tithe from the People, usually paid in blood.

When a young boy, Jillan, unleashes pagan magicks in an accident, he must go on the run pursued by Heroes, Saints and Saviours in this repressive religious regime.

There are some good reviews in SFX and SciFi Now magazines. There are also a few reviews you can read on the following websites of good taste and discernment:

The Eloquent Page      I Will Read Books      SF Book Reviews      Fantasy Faction

You can of course buy Empire of the Saviours from all good bookshops (and probably a few bad ones) or from Amazon:



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