Lifer is a literary scifi that I finished writing in 2014. Not sure yet who is publishing it, but it’s likely to be either Tor US or Kristell Ink. The thing is, sales of scifi literature (rather than scifi tv and films) are at an all-time low, so it’s tough getting it published. How come? Well, Brian Aldiss (oldest living UK scifi author) reckons we now live in a scifi world (full of tech of which we don’t understand the actual workings) so don’t really need to read about it.

Here’s a very brief and tantalising synopsis (a flavour, if you will):

Some crimes deserve a punishment worse than death. Our protagonist has been given a sentence of ‘Extended Life’, so that he may suffer the full knowledge and horror of what he has done forever more. For he is responsible for the deaths of billions. His name has been erased from history and he is known simply as Lifer.

And I’m just starting a follow-up novel called ‘Beyond’. Onwards, Dalton!


4 comments on “Lifer

  1. Cant wait to read this, I have two copies of most of your books, kindle and paper copy. two of the books I have got are signed, I LOVE your work

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