1. Necromancer’s Gambit


Necromancer’s Gambit: Book One of the Flesh & Bone Trilogy (ISBN 9781 4343 53061) is a metaphysical fantasy by Adam Dalton. It’s currently available on every major book-related website and in approx 200 book stores in the UK (mainly Waterstone’s and Borders). If you’d like to read some chapters for free, you can do so on Amazon or through Google Book Search.

You can see the author talking about his book in a short video here:


And here’s the text from the book’s back cover:

A dead hero opens his eyes. To his horror, he finds he has been raised from the grave to serve as the undead minion of a desperate necromancer called Mordius. Our hero’s body has been stolen from a battlefield contested by two kingdoms that have been at war for generations. No one knows why warfare is now the way of life, but what is apparent is that dark forces vie for dominion over the entire realm.

Our hero has no memory of who he was when alive, and knows only that he was a soldier called Saltar… or so Mordius tells him. Like all the undead, Saltar craves the warmth of life and reluctantly accepts a bargain proposed by the necromancer. Saltar agrees to guard Mordius and help him retrieve an unholy artefact that will give the necromancer absolute sway over death. In return, Mordius promises to restore Saltar to full life…

Necromancer’s Gambit is a work of metaphysical fantasy, revealing a world of epic scale as the backdrop to the intrigues and magic of the darker side of the human psyche. It is told with a vividness normally only expected of film. The action and pace leave the reader breathless, exhilarated and hungry for more.

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6 comments on “1. Necromancer’s Gambit

  1. Hey Adam!
    I’ve just finished Necromancer’s Gambit, and WOW. It’s one hell of a novel! Each of the major characters gets an equal share of the limelight, and it gave me the story from so many different perspectives. It’s a unique approach and you certainly pulled it off! Congratulations!

    I look forward to Part Two.

  2. I wish I could find a digital version of your book somewhere… any plans to make your books available in EPUB for eReaders?

    • I’m still not convinced by the EPUB thing, despite all the hype. Maybe I’m just a bit old-fashioned, but I can’t see that people would want to read a book on a screen when they work on a computer all day as well. And you can’t take your e-reader in the bath, which is where I do a fair bit of reading. Still, I could be wrong about everything – it’s happened once or twice before.

      Nonetheless, Necromancer’s Gambit is available online through Google Book Search.

  3. Hey Adam,

    Having bought Necromancers Gambit in Crawley yesterday i’ve struggled to put it down and have had to shelve LOTRs!! Was great to meet you and many thanks for the signature.


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