UK conventions and festivals: scifi, fantasy, horror and comicbooks

The Brits love a festival it would seem. Hardly a month goes past without another one being spawned. Here’s a better list  than you’ll find most places for UK scifi, fantasy and horror conventions and festivals.

If you run or know of a convention you’d like included in the above list, just give me a shout.

20 comments on “UK conventions and festivals: scifi, fantasy, horror and comicbooks

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  2. Hello! Sorry to be a pain, but BristolCon is organised by the Bristol Fantasy and SF society, not the British one. We don’t like to give ourselves airs down in the West Country!

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  4. Wow an up to date list 😀 this is what I like to see.

    I’m Sam, captain of StarBase Leicester, and every year we get together with a local cinema called Phoenix Square to run ScifiFest. A movie festival perfect for geeks! with a quiz, gaming, book launch, and even a nerf shooting gallery and a 3d printing display with a chance to print stuff!

    this is the event May 10th, wish I’d found you sooner… Keep up the good work


  5. One off event on the 25th October…

    Greenwich Time Symposium: Objects in Time

    A day of enquiry, tinkering and questioning, examining the facts and fiction behind everyday objects.

    With panel discussion, talk on writing by sci-fi novelist Robert Adam, and you can get involved in a clockwork workshop with steampunk artist Jemma Hewitt.

    25 October

    £15 / £10 members and concessions

  6. Hiya I was wondering if you would add Whitby Sci Fi & Comic Con to your list. It is on the 28th of November 2015 at Whitby pavilion and will be bringing tables, signers, photo opps and a great environment for costumers of all levels to get together. It’s going to be a fun day raising money for a great cause, early detection of cancer.
    Thank you.

  7. Hi was wondering if you could add our event to your list for 2016, its INVICTACON and takes place on the 7th August 2016 at the Bridgewood Manor Hotel, Rochester Kent. We will have traders, signers and gaming tables as well as props and displays

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  10. Well I am all but booked for the Fantasy Con by the sea in Scarborough. I am particularly looking forward to seeing Scott Lynch. It’s great that there are so many conventions taking place in the UK, we are really flying the flag, it’s just a shame there aren’t many up here in the North East. Joe Abercrombie is making his way up to Waterstone’s in Newcastle in April (27th) so I suppose that’s something.

    PS I’ll be blogging the evening with him as well if anyone is interested 🙂



    • Fantasy Con in Scarborough – a 50/50 chance I’ll be there. The issue is the cost of the whole thing – day tickets, hotel, travel, food, beer… you can easily part with 500 quid. And writers really aren’t the richest of people. In fact, they are paid less in real terms now than they ever have been in history. I did a great panel debate at the Fantasy Con last year (on religions in fantasy), but not sure about this year. Oh well.

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