3. Press clippings

When you organise a book signing with a store, it’s only common sense to get onto the local newspaper to see if they’ll do an interest article a week or so in advance of the signing to advertise the event. Some newspapers will then even send a photographer along to the signing to take a photo and do a retrospective article. Here’s one from the Lancashire Evening Post when I did a signing for Border’s Preston:


And here’s one from the Croydon and Purley Guardian when I did a signing for Waterstone’s Croydon (my home town):

And here are a couple from Trafford Metro News, for various book signings I did at Waterstone’s Trafford Centre.








Update, Oct 2010. An article in the Sale & Altrincham Advertiser anouncing the launch of Necromancer’s Fall.




























Update April 2012. Oo. They’ve put me in a magzine. Fancy pants! April edition of SFX.


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