Cosmic Warlord

So the latest sequence of books is called Chronicles of a Cosmic Warlord. It’s a whole new set of characters in a new world (unrelated to the Flesh & Bone trilogy, although….).     

There are three books (initially) in Chronicles of a Cosmic Warlord:

To read the synopses of the books, just click on the titles above. It’s metaphysical fantasy again, although there may be a bit of a scifi crossover (which the fearful publisher, Gollancz, will be playing down). You can of course buy the titles from all good bookshops (and probably a few bad ones) or from Amazon,


3 comments on “Cosmic Warlord

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  3. Met Adam today at Waterstones Warrington, thoroughly nice bloke, had an excellent discussion about the fantasy genre, am definitely going to give Empire of the Saviours a read!

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