There are eight subpages available from this page on ‘author advice’.You can choose from any of:


Being an author

Approaches to publishing

Getting the book deal

Literary agents


Wise words

Listing of fantasy publishers


12 comments on “Advice

  1. Caffeine is an essential element in the physiology of any writer! They could get by without oxygen before they could do without caffeine.

    This is very interesting advice, Adam. Thanks for compiling it. I suppose the message here is to think of yourself more in terms of an entrepreneur with a product to sell rather than devolving the responsibility for getting your work out there to a publisher or agent.

  2. Hi I’ve just read the first chapter of your book and thought I’d drop a message letting you know that I think it is fantastic! Meeting you today was great and has inspired me to get writting.
    I hope to stay in touch and sent you some of my better works.

    Ella Parslow, 13.

    • Hi Ella

      So glad you’re enjoying it – don’t want to have missold the book to you! I also hope it gets you inspired. I attempted my first novel at 15 and, although it never got published, I have never regretted trying it. I got some poems printed at 21, a short story at 34 and a novel at 37! Practice makes perfect, eh? See if you can beat me on the age front. After all, the guy who did Eragon (Paolini) was only 21 when his novel got the big break.

      Look forward to seeing some of your stuff.

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  4. Useful advice AJD, thanks. You gave my daughter your card at a book-signing in Crawley and, now I’ve completed the second draft of my fantasy novel, I’ve finally looked you up! I’ve been trawling through the W&AYB and your shortlist will help – fingers crossed!

  5. Hi Adam it’s freddy from in the water stones in bolton I’m really enjoying the empire of the saviours I didn’t think it was my thing until I got into it I hope your writing a sequel because this is fantastic keep it up 🙂

    • Hey Freddy, good to hear from you. Glad you’re enjoying Empire and don’t want your money back! The sequel, Gateway of the Saviours, is finished and sent to the publisher. Won’t be released till May 2013, though. Things move at a glacial speed. All the best, adz

      • When you make the film if you do will you cast an actress to play Freda or will it be cgi ?

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