Small God

Praise for A J Dalton’s writing:
– SFX: ‘An interesting setting and a devilishly good villain.’
– SciFi Now magazine: ‘Engaging, filled with sacrifice, adventure and some very bloody battles!’
– Sfbook: ‘Different, fresh and unique.’

‘I Am a Small God’ tells the tale of the minor Greek god Ecrelis. He is hunted down by a new war god from the east, and told that he will not be permitted to exist unless he works to bring down the old gods. Having little choice, Ecrelis sets about betraying the Egytian gods, the Celtic gods, the ancients of Venice, the Norse gods, the Aztecs and, finally, the Inca. He does all that is required of him, but his allotted time of a thousand years has now run out and he must confront the terrifying war god once more.

It’s available on Amazon now.

I Am a Small God cover2 (2)


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