Fantasy sites

If you’re a scifi/fantasy fan looking to engage in the wider community, you could do a lot worse than checking out the following listing of sites for reviews, chat, gossip and high jinks…

1. Fantasy Literature – – an extensive, professional site, with a range of reviews and interviews

2. Bookworm Blues – – a reviewer’s blog, with interesting chat and so forth – a site I’m beginning to post on a fair bit these days

3. SF Signal – – the site of the 2012-13 Hugo Award winner for best fanzine – oooooh!

4. The Book Smugglers – – a prolific review site written by proper fans – the amount of content can mean the site takes a few moments to up/download, but worth the wait

5. Dragons, Heroes and Wizards – – a decent review site for series of fantasy books

6. Fantasy Book Critic – – predominantly a review site rather than a chat site, but well run

7. GavReads – – a blog site that provides reviews mainly on scifi, fantasy and crime – also provides interesting discussion on the wider publishing industry

8. WordTipping – – a decent little site with reviews and opinions on classic fantasy

9. Fantasy Faction – – a professionally run community site for readers of modern fantasy – they also gave Empire of the Saviours a decent review, so gotta love ’em! Such good taste and discernment

10.  The Eloquent Page – – run by a very principled reviewer of fantasy novels

11. SF Book Reviews – – a well put together site that review scifi, fantasy and horror

12. The British Fantasy Society – – the UK’s national society for all things fantasy – says it all, really

13. Science Fiction and Fantasy Chronicles – – definitely more of a discussion forum/community than anything else, but has a large following

14. SFF World – – a professional site with reviews, interviews and busy chat forums

15. Fantasy Review Barn – – exactly what it says – a barnful of fantasy reviews!

And then, of course, various publishers of fantasy and scifi run fairly decent chat and blog type sites…

16. Gollancz –

17. Tor UK –

18. Random House UK –

If your site isn’t in the list and you’d like to be added, just let me know! Happy browsing.


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