0. Articles on major fantasy sites


A range of my more recent articles:

How to write a beast of a novel – an article I wrote for the Gollancz blog site in March 2013, [gollancz.co.uk]

George RR Martin and Tolkein have a lot to answer for – an article I wrote for SciFi Now magazine in March 2013, http://www.scifinow.co.uk/blog/38508/fantasy-author-a-j-dalton-asks-why-do-we-all-sound-like-george-rr-martin

The sum of the parts – an article I wrote on e-books v. hard copy for the Blackwells blog, http://blackwellscxr.blogspot.co.uk/2013/07/the-sum-of-parts-guest-blog-by-j-dalton.html

The Greater Fantasy – an article wot I writted for the Gollancz blog site in April 2014, [gollancz.co.uk]

Where authors don’t get their ideas – an article I produced for SFF World in June 2014, with thanks to Neil Gaiman and Ursula Le Guin, http://www.sffworld.com/2014/06/writers-dont-get-ideas-article-j-dalton/

The changing face of fantasy – an article I put together for Fantasy Faction in July 2014, with thanks to Mark Lawrence, http://fantasy-faction.com/2014/the-changing-faces-of-fantasy

Top 10 technical aspects of SFF creative writing – an article I produced for SFF World, http://www.sffworld.com/2017/09/top-10-technical-aspects-of-sff-creative-writing-by-a-j-dalton/