Flesh & Bone Trilogy

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4 comments on “Flesh & Bone Trilogy

  1. Merry Xmas!

    I have had your books recommended to me by a friend and I would love to read them but they are not currently available in the kindle store.

    Are you books available in any ebook format? Will they be available for the Kindle soon?

    Hoping to be a fan soon,
    Steve Smith.

    • Well, the books are on Google Books in e-format, but that might not be of use to you. I don’t think my publisher has sorted anything out with regard to Kindle yet, but I’ll investigate it and let you know if there’s an option.

  2. Dear Mr. Dalton,

    Having just finished reading your “Triology”, I wanted to express my thanks to you for the sheer enjoyment I have experienced through your work. Absolutely fantastic are words that are too small. I am a big Tolkien and Eddings fan, and I now have a third fantasy guru (one who is a local chap too!). I am now looking forward to your new books, and please, please, please keep writing: cannot wait for a fourth “Necromancer”.

    Yours sincerely,
    Jon Egan

    • Hey Jon, the kind comments are much appreciated. Glad you don’t want your money back! LOL. I’m a big Eddings fan myself, so am flattered.

      The new book is Empire of the Saviours, due out 17 May 2012. It’s available for pre-order on Amazon, etc. Ahem. It’s being published by Gollancz (fancy pants publisher), so should be available in all Waterstone’s, WHSmiths and perhaps even Tescos(!!!).

      A fourth Necromancer book. Hmm. One day I will. The Chamberlain, Lucius, Strap, Orastes and Scourge perhaps all deserve their own stand alone novels. Gotta finish my new trilogy first though (Chronicles of a Cosmic Warlord), cos that’s paying the old bills (just about).

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